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About Us

Alien Closet

Intersection of Aliens X Fashion X Music X Film

Alien Shirt is worked out of the conviction that greater is just better when it is quite. What's more, that history and character and sentimentality are profitable relics which blur very rapidly.

There's an appeal and magnetism, and also a reasonableness, that accompanies supporting neighborhood organizations. It's not an undaunted insubordination to the new, it's a craving to keep at any rate a few things real and authentic.

Alien shirts advance neighborhood organizations through innovative means and is situated in the colossal city of Chicago. All alien shirts offered are numbered, labeled, and discharged in constrained amounts and versions.

By delivering just restricted clusters, Alien Closet guarantees high caliber and select merchandise. Shirt outlines are wrapped with restricted version, screenprinted work of art by neighborhood specialists and incorporates a tag meaning release and date of issue.

All outlines, if not noted, are planned by extraterrestrials visual architect situated in Chicago.